Steam your Microwave Clean

Cleaning a microwave needn’t be painful. In fact, it can be quite easy when you follow these simple steps.



Wipe out crumbs.

Use a dishcloth to remove any loose crumbs in the microwave.

Steam Microwave.

Pour 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup water in a microwave safe bowl. Add a wooden spoon or skewer to disrupt the surface while heating. Microwave for 5-10 minutes, depending on how powerful your microwave is.

When the microwave beeps – hold tight! Do not open the door yet. Instead, let the steam soften all the grimy food stuck to the microwave.

Wipe away grime.

Wipe out your microwave with a cloth. Most sticky residue should wipe right away. If it doesn’t, use a plastic scraper to gently remove. Don’t forget to wipe the walls, the top, and the door!

If the glass turntable is dirty, remove and wash with warm soap water.

Add a little shine.

Shine up any remaining marks with a bit of our favorite cleanser – Bar Keeper’s Friend. Add a bit to a wet rag and spot clean any remaining spots in your microwave.

Clean the Outside.

Use a wet and soapy cloth to clean the exterior of the microwave. This plastic scraper is also very handy for get crumbs out of cracks and crevices on the front of the microwave.

If your microwave has any greasy residue, wipe away with dish soap. Pour a small amount onto a wet cloth and wipe away any stubborn grease marks. Be gentle with the control panel of the microwave to avoid scrubbing away any words or labels.

Use a dry cloth to finish the exterior. If your microwave is stainless, we recommend this cleaner for the exterior finish.

Keep it Clean

The secret to a happy microwave is using a cover to keep food splatters under control. But unless the cover is easily accessible, it is often forgotten when leftovers need to be quickly reheated.

For this reason, we recommend a reusable cover that can always stay in your microwave. We LOVE this silicone cover. It is collapsible, making it easy to store. With a 10.5″ diameter and expandable sides, this cover will protect large plates and mounds of food. The small holes on the top allow for venting, which contributes to even heating (the holes also allow the cover to be flipped over and used as a strainer or colander). This cover will keep your microwave shiny and clean. And when the cover gets dirty, it cleans up quickly in dishwasher. Did we mention, we love it??


Still in a “cleaning mood?” Tackle one of these tasks!

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