Candy Mold Basics

Candy molds are a fun and easy way to make homemade goodies. If you’re looking for a gift for friends or neighbors, molding chocolate and candy is an easy way to share a little love.

In our store, an entire aisle is devoted to displaying the various forms of the candy mold. They are fun and quirky, elegant and decadent, silly and sweet. And we think you should use them.

They can be used in many applications, including food, but also arts and crafts. We typically like to fill them with chocolate, but mostly we just love chocolate. They candy mold really has a lot to offer to the professional and the amateur alike. Let us share a few basics with you.

First…Which mold should you buy? 

Our candy molds are made from a variety of materials. They serve different purposes. Read more to find out about their many uses.

Clear Plastic : The majority of our molds are made from FDA approved clear plastic. They can be used for a variety of food uses, particularly, chocolate. The can not be heated to high temperatures, so they should never be used in the oven or with hard candy. They will melt. Clear plastic molds can also be used for a variety of crafts, including soap making, bath bombs, concrete, plaster. So versatile! Just don’t mix your chocolate and concrete.

White Plastic : These molds are similar to the clear plastic molds, but they can reach temperatures above 350* F. Therefore, they can be used in the oven or with hard candy. Additional crafting uses include wax from candles or crayons.

Silicone  : These molds are very versatile and extremely easy to use. They can be used for candy making and baking with ease. They are flexible and durable. Certain applications may have more issues with release (chocolate if it is not tempered, wax if it is not cool), but the flexible qualities are beneficial for other uses (bath bombs work great with silicone molds).

Polycarbonate : These molds are made from durable polycarbonate. The rigidity of these molds brings out the finest detail and design to your chocolates or hard candy. Clear plastic allows you to see when the chocolate has set and pulled away from the mold. These molds are used by professionals for professional results. Using polycarbonate molds is a great way to improve your chocolate and candy making.

Aluminum : These molds serve one purpose – hard candy suckers! They are durable and produce great results! They are a worthy investment is hard candy is a craft you enjoy.

Second… What do you fill your molds with?

If you are comfortable with tempering chocolate, then a couverture chocolate will have the best tasting results.

If that last sentence felt like a foreign language, then you should stick with compound chocolate.

(Read more about the different types of chocolate, here.)

If you’re interested in making hard candies, you can find a few tips and tricks here.

Third… What recipes should I use for inspiration?

Start here! You will learn the basics for filling a mold with chocolate.

Check out this post, filled with a collection of ideas for treating your loved  ones.

Fourth… Get your supplies here:

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