Emulsions vs. Extracts

Just like the oils, LorAnn offers some helpful information on baking emulsions:

What is a baking emulsion anyway?

Emulsions are water-based, alcohol-free alternatives to extracts. Instead of using alcohol, the flavor is micro encapsulated in natural stabilizers and suspended in water. The encapsulation enables the flavor to not lose its integrity when exposed to high heat.

What does that mean?

To simplify: For better results, use baking emulsions instead of extracts!

Who uses emulsions?

When it comes to flavoring, professional bakers almost exclusively use emulsions over alcohol-based extracts.


For one, emulsions have a more potent, robust flavor. They won’t “bake out” when exposed to heat. And they are alcohol and gluten free.

What can you flavor using emulsions?

Many things! Including, but not limited to: cookies, cakes, sweet breads, pasteries, frosting, glaze, fondants, fillings, cream centers and other confectionery items.

How do I substitute extracts with emulsions?

If your recipe calls for 1 tsp. extract, use 1 tsp. emulsion. It’s that easy!

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