Chocolate Dipped Sea Salt Caramels

Candy confections don’t come much better (or easier) than Chocolate Dipped Caramels. Rich, creamy caramel is paired with smooth chocolate and kissed with a sprinkle of pure sea salt. They are sure to satisfy every craving.

Using a combination of our favorite ingredients, your treats will have a homemade taste and look, but with ease and convenience. If you’ve never used Peter’s Caramel or dipping chocolate, let me give you some additional information. You’ll see why we love them!

Peter’s Caramel

Peter’s 5 lb. Caramel Loaf is a high quality, ready-to-use caramel made of the finest ingredients. We have been using Peter’s Caramel loaf for years because it has a rich and creamy taste and soft, easy-to-use texture. Peter’s Caramel loaf is ideal for caramel apple making, pretzel dipping and the perfect caramel candy center. No need to unwrap all those little squares! This caramel tastes better and is easier to use!

If you’re uncertain you’ll ever use 5 pounds of caramel, rest assured knowing that the caramel is still good at least 12 months after purchasing, if you store it in an airtight bag or container. But we feel confident you’ll find plenty of uses for it before it ever has a chance to “go bad.” Visit our blog for inspiration:  (caramel shortbread brownies) (salted caramel Rice Krispie treats) (caramel coconut cookies) (caramel tarts).

If you want more information about Peter’s Caramel, visit our Caramel 101 blog.

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Dipping Chocolate

All chocolate is good, but some chocolate is better. So, how do you choose which type to purchase?

First, decide if you’d like a milk or a dark chocolate. Either option pairs well with the creamy caramel. I prefer a dark chocolate, personally, but milk tends to be more of a crowd pleaser. Truth be told, you won’t be able to resist either type!

Next, decide if you’d like to use a less finicky compound chocolate or a better tasting couverture chocolate. Compound chocolate is so easy to use, because they don’t need to be tempered for dipping. You do compromise for the taste and texture. The compound chocolate doesn’t melt quite as smoothly, sometimes feeling waxy. But, when used to coat a creamy caramel, the taste will still be delicious. This is my favorite compound chocolate for dipping: Van Leer Snaps

The other option, couverture chocolate, is made with cocoa butter, which has a smoother and creamier texture. The trade off here is that this type of chocolate needs to be tempered. This process is not difficult. It requires a thermometer and a little extra time. But the flavor is completely worth it. Click the link to see my favorite couverture dipping chocolate: Callebaut Callets

If you’re new to working with chocolate, learn about melting chocolate here. Learn more about types of chocolate here.

Sea Salt

Using a coarse flaked sea salt, elevates your candy into a special confection. We love the local options from Redmond Real Salt. We also love Jacobson salts. Both options are a delicious finish to your treat. Even our favorite kosher salt is a delicious option!


You’ll most definitely want some parchment paper on hand for placing your cooling chocolate. These thin pieces of silicone coated parchment, enable the chocolate to be easily released from the paper. Don’t mix this up with wax paper, as the chocolate will melt the wax and be difficult to remove!

You’ll also want some dipping utensils. Regular forks work okay! But dipping forks work even better. Their thin tines leave less of an imprint on your confection. I like to use two at a time! One to dip the caramel and the other to push the dipped caramel on to the parchment paper.

Another useful supply is a plastic or silicone bowl, used for melting your chocolate. If you’re melting your chocolate in the microwave, your options for bowls are glass or plastic. The concern with glass is that it holds a lot of residual heat, which may result in overheating your chocolate. Plastic or silicone won’t do that!


The final step is packaging your confections. Decadent caramels, wrapped in paper candy cups, and housed in a decorative candy box, creates a professional appearance.

But you could also fill a cellophane bag or a small paper cup. Either way, a little ribbon goes a long way in finishing your gift. It’s all about feeling festive!!!

Last, but definitely not least, is the incredible amount of chocolate dipped caramels you can make from one five pound block of Peter’s caramel. I was able to make 200 caramels from one block!!! I cut the block into 1/2″ slices. Then, I cut each of those slices into 9 squares. 200 caramels!!! That’s a lot of really good treats!! And I didn’t even use 5 lbs of chocolate to dip them! So, what I’m saying here, is that this treat is incredibly delicious and easy and cost effective and amazing.

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Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

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Serves: 200 1

Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels are a crowd pleaser. The mixture of sweet and salty is a joy for every palate. And making them is so simple! This is more of a method than a recipe. If you don't need 200 caramels, just cut off what you need and save the rest for later. Also, use whatever type of chocolate you prefer. Milk, dark, compound, couverture! It won't matter, because it will always be delicious. Just don't skimp on the salt. Good quality kosher or sea salt makes these treats extra special.


  • 5 lb block of Peter's Caramel
  • 5 lbs Chocolate (milk or dark)
  • Sea Salt Flakes



Cut caramel into bite sized pieces.


In a microwave safe bowl, melt chocolate 30 seconds at a time, stirring between each interval. If using couverture chocolate, temper chocolate now.


Dip caramel into chocolate and place on parchment.


Sprinkle salt on top and let cool.

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