Freeze Dried Apples… Dipped in Caramel

Saturday boredom gets the best of my kids and me. Some days it is unproductive, but this Saturday, we had a stroke of genius and these caramel dipped apple slices are the result.

But these aren’t your typical apples… these are freeze dried apples. Sitting in a bag in our food storage, we took our chances on these shriveled reminders of apples. Somehow they were more appealing than the mushy galas rotting in the fruit bowl.

I purchased them at Target some months ago, when my toddler was begging for fruit snacks. But I’ve seen them at other grocers near their dried fruit.

The appeal of the freeze dried apples is the crunch when bitten. I like the contrast of the sour and crisp apple slice with the sweet and chewy caramel. Dehydrated apples would just be soft and squishy.

We topped ours with a white chocolate drizzle. You could finish them with other tasty treats- crushed cookies or m&ms, coconut, etc. They dry quickly and are sturdy enough to hold a pile of goodies.

Here are some tips for melting caramel.

I hope you’ll make these the next time your’e in need of a caramel apple fix.

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