The Perfect Sugar Cookie

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So many foods create and cultivate a feeling. At Gygi, our goal is to give our food the best of feelings. Comfort, celebration, love, satisfaction. When thinking of the happiest food, the first thing that popped in my mind was the perfect, softest, sweetest sugar cookie.

These are the cookies I make when a friend is having a bad day. We celebrate birthdays with a frosted sugar cookie instead of cake. We bake them in the shape of a heart to ditch on our neighbor’s doorstep for Valentine’s Day.  They are the cookies I made on my baby’s due date when he just wasn’t coming out. And those same cookies were shared with the nurses, family, friends when he was born the next day. They bring me joy. They make the everyday a celebration. And they certainly make my mouth and stomach very happy.

An old (and secret!) family recipe that is sure to give you a reason to celebrate and love. Feelings all food should capture.


Grab this perfect “LOVE” cookie cutter to make your little sweets feel your love.

Here’s a fun take on the classic cookie. We decorated these cuties for Halloween!

DSC_3618       DSC_3607


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