Al Pastor Street Tacos

Al Pastor Street Tacos

Whether it’s “taco tuesday,” or just a regular weekday meal, Al Pastor Street Tacos are always a good idea. As the weather heats up, you’ll want to try this refreshing combination of pork and pineapple.

Al Pastor Street Tacos

Of course, the recipe for these taco mainly is about the marinade. The thing I love most about tacos is that you don’t need a recipe. I usually will turn any left over meat into tacos and use whatever left over veggies I have. What I love about tacos with my friends and family, is that they are so easy to customize. If your salsa recipe has large chunks of onions, I recommend opting for a sauce and having fresh onions on the side. I hate putting all the work (it’s pretty easy, but compared to buying it from the store – it’s still effort) into salsa and have people ask me if there are onions only to skip over it when there are.


Make your own tortillas with a press. 


A cheese grater that’s cutting edge.

Get the Al Pastor Street Tacos Recipe here:



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    August 18, 2016 at 10:52 pm

    Let’s try it at home xD yummy!!

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