Chocolate Extravaganza: Tempering with Mycryo

So what is tempering and why is it important?

The purpose of tempering chocolate is to pre-crystallize the cocoa butter in the chocolate, which is related to the working temperature of the chocolate, and at our Chocolate Extravaganza you will learn how tempering with Mycryo makes for the look you want.

During tempering, the cocoa butter in the chocolate changes into a stable crystalline form. It ensures the hardness, shrinking force, and gloss of the finished product after it has cooled. If the chocolate is melted in the normal way (between 40 and 45 degrees C) then left to cool to working temperature, the finished product will not be glossy. If you make the effort of using a special way of bringing chocolate up to the right working temperature, you are guaranteed to get the desired end result. And that is what we mean by tempering: bringing chocolate up to the right working temperature so that there are sufficient stable crystals. The 3 factors which are important during tempering are time, temperature and movement.

Here’s how it works:

1. Melt the chocolate at 104-110 degrees F in the microwave. Be sure to only melt it for about 20 seconds at a time. Take the temperature after each 20 second interval!

2. Allow the chocolate to cool at room temperature to 93 degrees F for dark chocolate and 91 degrees F for milk, white, or colored chocolate.

3. Add 1% of cocoa butter Mycryo, or 10g for 1kg of chocolate. Mix well.

4. When the chocolate is perfectly pre-crystallized, keep the temperature at 93 degrees F for dark and 91 degrees F for milk and white.

5. In order to use the chocolate over a longer period of time, keep it at 91-93 degrees F for dark and 84-86 degrees F for milk or white.

What is technically happening with your chocolate:

When you temper your chocolate on the marble or when you “seed” with more chocolate, you want to start a chain reaction to crystallize the Beta form of the cocoa butter contained in the chocolate. This specific crystallization form will bring the shine and the snap you want to your chocolate.

An ultimate tempering is crystallization of only the Beta form of the 7 forms of crystals contains in cocoa butter. With this new technique of tempering, you are not creating Beta forms, you are simply adding it. Indeed, 1% of Mycryo is just the right amount of Beta crystals to start the chain reaction. You then have the perfect crystallization, leaving a longer time frame to work your chocolate, since you initiate the process from the very start.

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